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we're the duck's nuts, the bee's knee's, the cat's meow...


Thinking Cap Studios is a Brisbane based digital design & development house that specialises in e-commerce, educational and mobile solutions and services.

Some users of our tools, toys and time include:

EMI Music AustraliaDominos Pizza AustraliaRay White real estateAPN News & MediaSuncorp BankAdobe User GroupsFlight Centre Travel GroupIsland RecordsUniversal MusicEminence Organic Skin Care

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Our Products and Services

At Thinking Cap Studios we work in unison with our clients to produce elegantly efficient and effective digital solutions with a focus on user based interaction and relevancy.

In addition to designing & developing usable websites and online applications we offer products and services that can help you along the way no matter what step you're at in reaching your goals.

We can integrate with and supplement your existing team, help you build and manage your own team of stars or perhaps just get you started visualising your ideas or testing and prototyping your dreams.

E-Commerce Solutions

Our team at Thinking Cap Studios are specialists in e-commerce website development with more than a decade of experience building award winning online retail solutions.

We not only understand how the internet works we know and understand how people use the web, whether on a desktop or mobile device. With this knowledge and experience we tailor our solutions to meet your needs and that of your customers. We design elegant solutions that are easy to use and more importantly, they work.

Whether you need a simple PayPal button or a content managed e-commerce platform with mobile and inventory integration, Thinking Cap Studios can deliver.

Business Solutions

We are an authorised reseller of Google's full range of business applications and services.

With Google Apps you’ll have access to your email, calendar, documents, and sites and be able to work securely, no matter where you are in the world and what device you're on. All your work is automatically saved in the cloud.

For your business, this means every employee and everyone you work with can be productive from anywhere, using any device with an Internet connection.

Google Apps helps you and your team work faster and smarter by making it easy for everyone – employees, partners, vendors, anyone – to collaborate effortlessly across teams, companies and locations.

Contact us to discuss how these tools can transform how you do business and allow you to unchain you and your team from a fixed location, do away with unneccessary expenses and rest assured that your vital data is backed up and stored off-site.

Think Mail - Email Campaign and Mailing List Management

Think Mail is an email marketing, production & deployment tool that lets anyone take as much or as little control in the management & reporting of their email marketing as they wish. Easy to use templates let you create and edit your email campaigns without needing to know or touch any code.

With Think Mail we've aimed to deliver an easy to use, cost effective email creation and delivery system simple enough for small business operators to dive straight in and use but at the same time powerful and robust enough for large operators who need an enterprise level solution.

Think Mail costs nothing to try out and you can opt for either a low 'pay-per- send' option or for larger lists or more frequent sending we offer a flat monthly rate that lets you send unlimited emails to anyone on your sign up list.

Think Mail offers the following features and benefits.

  • Best practice built in. We support confirmed opt-in for all subcriber lists
  • Export all reporting data to Excel for offline storage or further analysis
  • Easily see who opened, who clicked, who bounced and who unsubscribed
  • Think Mail's template editor allows you to see your email as you build it
  • Edit, manage and send from anywhere and schedule sends for later
  • Add email lists, build new ones and track campaigns with relevant reporting
  • Use our free templates, add your own or have us build editable ones for you
  • Personalise your campaigns by adding subscribers name or items they've bought

Design & Development, no matter the flavour

The team at Thinking Cap Studios is multi-skilled and we pride ourselves on our broad knowledge base. We can help you realise your dreams no matter what platform you want to focus on.

We know how to design and develop sites and applications for the web because we use them ourselves every day of the week. Whether you want a presence on a desktop, mobile device or television, Thinking Cap can help you get there.

Shared and Dedicated Hosting Plans

At Thinking Cap Studios we own and manage our own servers and can offer hosted solutions to match your needs, whether you just need email or you need a scalable solution for any contingency.

Our Hosting solutions offer speed, reliability and maximum uptime for your website. With an array of web hosting features included at every level suitable for any business size or industry.

Think Sound - Toys & Tools for the Entertainment Industry

Thinking Cap Studios has been building custom and branded campaigns for the Entertainment Industry for over 10 years. Our Think Sound division can build you a custom experience for your next release or product launch.

Contact us to see how we can get your message out there and into the hearts and minds of the perfect audience.

Other Services

We Craft Online Experiences

Creating elegant but functional sites is more than just window dressing. Regardless of the project, the first step before any others is to listen. We listen to you and your audience or customers and try to understand your business from the inside out. From here we help you best communicate and serve your customers and clients and tailor an experience that is best for you. We don't chase awards and we won't suggest options and add-ons that won't bring you a return on your investment.

Graphic Design, Art Direction, Creative Support

Our secret to successfully producing results that are both elegant and effective relies on a deep understanding of traditional design principles applied in a relevant and appropriate way. We can help you visualise your end goal and either act as your creative team to get you there or use our experience to guide and assist your in-house team if required.

Business Intelligence, Data Visualisation, Rock Star Reconnaissance

Thinking Cap Studios can help you better track, measure and quantify your information and equip you with the necessary data to not only manage your business but more importantly help it grow and prosper. We can build stand-alone tools to help you map and maintain information or integrate solutions into your existing infrastructure.

eBook Creation & Publishing

Concept Design & Prototyping



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Who We Are

Looks can be deceiving...

If you think a digital agency needs a board table bigger than a car and a funky colour scheme to truly be effective then you've come to the wrong place.

At Thinking Cap Studios we focus on simplicity and have a unique and award winning process that lets us focus on combining user experience and leading edge technology with traditional design practice and common sense. We create elegant and easy to use solutions and we do it beautifully.

Thinking Cap Studios was founded by Aaron Turner-Jones and David McLaughlin, two individuals who have taken their skills and experience and used them to build a successful team of digital professionals who believe form and function can happily co-exist.


Aaron Turner-Jones Dave McLaughlin
Founder, Creative Director Founder, Technical Director

While our real world operations are based in Brisbane, Australia, Thinking Cap Studios services the digital world with a number of national and international clients.

We are happy to work with you remotely via video or voip if distance proves an issue.

Fully paid business class tickets to meet you in person will not be refused.

The Rest of the Team

Thinking Cap Studios is a fully fledged digital agency offering services and expertise to successfully complete your project, or simply lend a hand at any stage in your production cycle. As such, Thinking Cap Studios employs and retains the best local talent we can in a number of core disciplines, from writing copy to crafting code. You can be assured that the team you work with are qualified and experienced professionals.

Want to work at the studio?

If you have a passion for what you do and a desire to simply make, tweak or tinker we want to hear from you. Send us an email or forward on your CV or Portfolio and we'll get in touch.

In addition to permanent staff we are always looking for freelancers or contract designers and developers to keep our hat box filled with the latest movers and shakers. We'd love to hear from you.



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Get in touch with the studio...

Thinking Cap Studios is a true internet company and operates out of many locations and offices. Some real, some virtual. Most of our team work from remote locations and some join us from international time zones.

If you're located in the greater Brisbane area we'd love to meet with you in person.

Snail Mail: Post Office Box 444 Sandgate, Queensland, AUS 4017
Phone Us: +61 7 3077 6590

Send Thinking Cap Studios an email